Private, well appointed guest homes for the discerning independent traveler in beautiful Haines, Alaska


VIKING COVE GUEST HOMES are located on a 12 acre private peninsula just south of Haines. Secluded and luxurious, there are three newly remodeled buildings nestled in the woods with accommodations to fit your needs. Viking Cove can accommodate up to twenty guests and offers a two bedroom cabin to an open plan apartment to a comfortable guest room with shared bath facilities. Located approx. 8 miles from downtown Haines with access to the sheltered beach in Viking Cove.  All rooms are furnished with luxury linens and have everything you need for a comfortable stay. 


Haines, The Adventure Capital of Alaska


Perfect for the adventurous and the adventurous at heart, there is something for everyone in Haines. Fishing, kayaking, hiking, boating, skiing, backpacking, bear viewing, sightseeing, river rafting, nature photography are just a few of the many adventures waiting for visitors. Viking Cove offers the perfect lodging for your Alaskan holiday, romantic getaway or business retreat and for memories that will last a lifetime. 




MAY DAY! Book at stay at Viking Cove Guest Homes during the month of May and receive 10% off your visit. Mention MAYDAY to lovely Randa when you make your reservation. 

AAA, AARP and military discounts of 10% with ID

sOUTHEAST ALASKA STATE FAIR - INQUIRE with randa about our local discount for haines, skagway, juneau and canadian residents!

discounts do not apply to large group events.  

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Here is a pic of my buddy and me fishing on a particularly sunny summer day in Haines. Fileted the fish we caught, washed our hands and then headed directly into town for drinks with our husbands. Haines is Heaven on Earth! 

What (Not) To Wear

Don't bother packing those high heels and wingtips to come here. Haines is a relaxed, casual place where people will spend a whole day hiking and walk right into the local restaurants and bars afterward. It's about sharing ideas and experiences. If locals ask about your shoes, it's usually to know if they are comfortable.

Dress for weather but pack light. You don't need much. Bring a waterproof jacket with a hood, comfortable pants, a vest or fleece jacket for layering, a hat or beanie, hiking shoes, warm socks, and a lightweight down jacket. Snow conditions obviously require more warmth, so plan to add gloves, warm hat, heavier jacket, boots, scarf, thermals if you like for another layer of warmth outdoors. A backpack is a good idea for toting your things. Not too many purses or briefcases around here.

This is a quick summary for the casual guest visiting Haines. Clearly, guests would have to plan their gear based on their activities (like fishing, rafting, skiing). Come, relax, breathe and ENJOY!